Letschin Scene

Compared to our first brief visit to the area in 1999, this time we had longer to look around.

There were some obvious changes as more big businesses moved in.

For example in the town of Seelaw a bright new retail park was bringing in the customers.

Prices of goods were still cheaper than in the UK but the gap was closing.


The lovely summer weather prompted walks in the large meadows near the River Oder, most of which flood in times of high rainfall in the river's upper catchment areas.


Old Bridge across the River Oder
Historical Bridge
Now unused, and the railway connecting Germany with Poland dismantled, this bridge still spans the River Oder from Poland (on the far bank).

River Oder
Barge on the Oder
River Oder
Flood Prevention Works

The River is a busy route for commercial transport. In an attempt to prevent some of the worst flooding, extensive engineering works were in progress on the containment barriers.
It was near here that towards the end of the war the first Russian tanks crossed the Oder onto German soil. It is believed that 50 thousand lives were lost in this this area in the fierce fighting of those terrible days. The nearby Seelow Heights formed the last major barrier before the capital Berlin and the desperate defenders took a terrrible toll of Russian lives. Unexploded shells and corpses of long dead soldiers are still unearthed regularly.

Behind the monument can be seen the extensive water meadows.
World War 2 Monument

An unusual sight for English visitors to these parts are the Storks

Photograph of baby storks
"Where's Mum ?"

This tower contained 5 well grown chicks, all staring north where their parents were hunting. Five is an unusually large brood for these large birds.



Near to Bad Freienwalde and new to us was the little lake of Baa See.
Hidden among the forest trees this delightful spot will defininitely be on our agenda again.

Baa See
Baa See
And to ease your thirst or hunger what a better place than the rustic restaurant of
Waldschenke am Baa-See, so full of character.
Restaurant Fascinating interior of restaurant

When your meal is ready you will be summoned by the hunting horn of friendly proprietor Mirko Schluchter.

Mirko and his hunting horn

However the opening hours are limited so telephone first to be sure ..03344 330902


Fish Restaurant and Smokery

Another not-to-be-missed eating place is the specialist Schechert's Hof Fish Restaurant in Marxdorf.
Opened by Wolfgang Schalow in converted farm buildings the choice of fish dishes and wines is very impressive, including both local specialities and exotic varieties from far away places.

Restaurant in a barn ?
Tucked away entrance

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