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Parents:  Caleb,  a Silk Warp Dresser and Eliza (nee Nicholls)

George was born in Coventry on the 16th May 1881 at Radford, Coventry.

Early Years: He was one of 8 children.
As a child he lived in a modest house at Radford about 1 mile from the the centre of Coventry. Around the age of 9 George suffered the trauma of having his mother leave the family taking with her his little sister, Sarah.

Occupation: At the time of his marriage he was a Machinist but later became a Gas Stoker at Foleshill gas works.

Marriage: At the age of 19 he married Ellen Elizabeth Howe, at St.Michaels, Coventry on 25 Dec 1900. Witnesses: Druie Ann Poole and Abraham Howe.

Children: The couple had 4 children:

Ellen Florence 1901 She died when 2 months old
George Abraham 1903
Edward Charles 1904
William 1908 William died aged 6 mths.

Known Places of Residence:

As a child George lived at 53 Radford (near the present Radford Common), Coventry.

On 25 December 1900, the couple are said to be living in Much Park Street, in central Coventry, but I suggest they were actually living round the corner with Ellen’s parents Abraham and Mary Howe at 59 St. John’s Street.

When baby Florence was born they were in New Buildings, a 1/2 mile away.

From 1903 to 1905 they resided at 108 Radford, Coventry, near George’s father, but in March 1908 they were living at 145 North Street in the Stoke district of Coventry.
By 1909 they had moved to 51 Sparkbrook Street, in the Hillfields district of central Coventry.

In 1911 they moved out of the city centre to 5 Francis Street at Foleshill.

In 1913 they purchased 12 Silverton Road, Coventry, and also took the opportunity to buy the adjoining 2 houses, Numbers 8 and 10 which they let out.

They lived there until 1929. In 1927 they purchased a site for a new house at 175 Old Church Road, just opposite St. Laurence's Church and moved there in 1929.

Ellen died in 1955 but George stayed there until he died in 1962.

Death: George died in 1962 aged 81 and was buried at London Road Cemetary.

Burial: His body was interred in April 1962 in Grave 38, Square 168/169 at London Road Cemetary, Coventry.

Special Memories: George, my grandfather, enjoyed coarse fishing with his son Charlie and they visited many favourite local angling spots by bicycle, one being the nearby canal at Foleshill. On one wintry day Charlie was leading George, then in his 70s, along the canal towpath on their bikes. Charlie looked back to check on him but his father was nowhere to be seen...just his old felt hat floating on the water. Charlie rushed back and managed to hauled the heavy man out. Then he rescued his bike. George then insisted Charlie also retrieved his hat from way out in the canal. Luckily they did not have far to return home to thaw and dry out.
A short time later George was fishing at the same spot when another nearby fisherman pulled his leg with "I hear you have taken up swimming, George !" A few minutes later George spotted a crack slowly growing in the canal bank just behind the other man but kept quiet. He watched it as it grew larger under the man's weight and as the bank where the leg-puller was sitting slid gently into the water, George shouted " A bit cold for a swim isn't it, Tom?"

George loved his meat and on his regular visits to our house he endlessly talked about his latest shopping expedition to a favourite butcher or grocer and how he had cooked a delicious dinner, described in mouth-watering detail.

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