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Lost Your Way or New here

As this web-site grows it naturally becomes potentially more confusing so here are a few notes if you get lost.

I have also received much data from other family history researchers on several of our families' ancestral names and where possible this has been incorporated. One name 'Ison' has attracted input from 20 other researchers so the 'Tree' branches form a very complex Chart which would be far too large for a computer monitor. I hope you can follow the links from Chart to Chart.

The site is in 3 parts: "My Family", and my wife "Pat's Family", with each having its own Menu and Names Lists etc.

A 3rd part is devoted to some research on the name 'Cakebread' with lists of entries found on the International Genealogical Index database (the IGI). Reseachers with Cakebread ancestors in the English Midlands may be pleased and lucky to find a few charts of Cakebread families here.


1. So a good starting point for 1st timers will be the link to "Names and Places" where you can identify whose family to follow.

2. Having then clicked on 'Den's Family' or 'Pat's Family' quickly check on the link to 'Descendant Charts' to see if the surname you are interested in has its own Chart. There you will find in typical graphic form a table of descendants names, plus years and places of birth, sometimes with links to fuller notes about that person ( the father's link will also provide useful information about the children).

3. If there is no Descendant Chart click on 'Names List' where you will find more links.


For visitors interested in CAKEBREAD names you will find my ancestors from Coventry and Bloxham under the relevant Descendant Chart in 'Den's Family'. However there is now more information on my extended family under the 'Other Cakebread Records' link. All files in this section have a seperate menu list and a link back to 'Our Family Pages'.

Using the Pico Internal Search Engine
(last resort)

This will find instances of the word you search for and list those pages with clickable links to the target. It can cause navigation problems and is best avoided unless as a last resort. The problems, which are not major, are caused as the Pico facility does not know which side of the family the particular page belongs to. So you may need to just re-check that point.

If anyone still has problems I will be pleased if you will bring it to my attention.