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Instances of CAKEBREAD occurrences on IGI

Other Counties with Fewer Persons

(sorted on County then Date)

This information is provided for Interest only and individual details should be checked against the IGI or Parish Registers.
Whilst every effort has been made to avoid errors some deliberate adjustments, particularly on Places have been made to the original entries (to assist the grouping process)

N.B. This list is NOT a full list of ALL baptisms and marriages from church registers as not all churches allowed their registers to be copied for the purposes of the Index.
Surname Christian Baptism Marriage Place County
Cakebread Joanna   26 Jan 1818 Maker Cornwall
Cakebread William Fowers 1 Dec 1871   Brampton Cumberland
Cakebread Jeremiah   11 Jul 1698 Plymouth Devon
Cakebread Elizabeth   25 Oct 1706 Plymouth Devon
Cakebread William   6 Jul 1796 Stoke Damerel Devon
Cakebread Joanna 23 Feb 1800   Stoke Damerel Devon
Cakebread William 23 Feb 1800   Stoke Damerel Devon
Cakebread James   14 Aug 1803 Bristol Gloucestershire
Cakebread Amelia 10 Jun 1811   Twining Gloucestershire
Cakebread Charles 19 Oct 1816   Tewkesbury Gloucestershire
Cakebread Samuel   8 Jan 1810 Twining Gloucestershire.
Cakebread Jemima 27 Dec 1812   Twining Gloucestershire.
Cakebread Agnes   1 May 1529 Ramsey Huntingdonshire
Cakebread Agnes   1 May 1579 Ramsey Huntingdonshire
Cakebread David   3 Nov 1829 Huntingdon Huntingdonshire
Cakebread Elizabeth   18 Mar 1851 Ramsey Huntingdonshire
Cakebread Susanna   26 May 1609 Canterbury Kent
Cakebread Mary   10 Feb 1840 Deptford Kent
Cakebread Lilly 15 Nov 1874   Bromley Kent
Cakebread Harriett   13 Jun 1862 Manchester Lancashire
Cakebread Harriett   4 Dec1869 Manchester Lancashire
Cakebread Hannah   28 May 1695 Barkby thorpe Leicestershire
Cakbrard William   22 Oct 1816 Rothwell Northamptonshire
Cakebread Matthew   27 Apr 1815 Adderley Shropshire
Cakebread Elizabeth   18 Mar 1581 Trentham Staffordshire
Cakebread Benjamin   22 Aug 1824 Mitcham Surrey
Cakebread Mary Ann 22 Aug 1824   Mitcham Surrey
Cakebread Frances 2 Sep 1827   Streatham Surrey
Cakebread James 12 Jun 1859   Clapham Surrey

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