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Exhall, Foleshill, Bell Green
Coventry, Warwickshire

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The HARRISON name is an important one for me as it was my mother's maiden name, so forming a main branch of my Family Tree.

Our Harrisons were a working class family from the districts north of Coventry, Warwickshire. It is possible they were originally from the nearby town of Bedworth but our first definite record is in the hamlet of Exhall, between Bedworth and Coventry.

There were quite a few Harrison families in Bedworth and Nuneaton around the end of the 18th Century and it is likely that my line came from there.

My records start in Exhall with the marriage in 1822 of Joseph Harrison and Sarah Bedder from an old established Bedworth family. Joseph was a Coal Miner. In those days Exhall was a pleasant well wooded rural area. The small village school had no water and pupils had to fetch it from the village pump. Most families kept their own pig and poultry.

Joseph Harrison’s baptism cannot be found, possibly due to poor Parish Records. His birth is believed to be about 1804 at Exhall or maybe Bedworth. Joseph and Sarah had 4 children but Sarah died aged 36. Four years later the children were orphaned when Joseph also died at the stated age of 37. The children were then brought up by their aunt, Ann Wakelin.

Their son, Thomas Harrison, born in Exhall in 1824, became a Blacksmith at the age of 14 and married Ellen West from Exhall in 1847. The couple had at least 7 children, including our ancestor, William Harrison, in 1856. Thomas and Ellen lived at Foxford, Longford, near Coventry all their life.

William Harrison became a Colliery Labourer at 14, but soon followed his father into the Blacksmith trade, and later ran a successful business in Cow Lane, central Coventry, although he lived 3 miles away at Bell Green. He married Ellen Barr from Foleshill on Christmas Day 1876 at Salem Baptist Church, Longford.

Their son William Harrison (jnr) grew up in Old Church Road, Bell Green and married a girl from a few doors away named Gertrude Clarke (her adopted parents' surname, but her real name was Gertrude Rawson Smith. William was a Coal Miner. He volunteered to fight with the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry in the First World War where he lost an arm at the terrible battle of the Somme. Later he liked his drink and was nicknamed “Roguey”.

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Surname Chr. Name Born My Direct Line Where Found Parents/ Notes
Harrison Albert 1881   Chart Thomas 1852 / Emma
Harrison Arthur Morton 1914   see Joseph 1877 Joseph / Ada
Harrison Charles William 1912   Chart William / Gertrude
Harrison Eliza 1848   Chart Thomas / Ellen
Harrison Elizabeth 1829   Chart Joseph / Sarah
Harrison (West) Ellen 1825 Yes Chart Wife of Thomas
Harrison Ellen 1853   Chart Thomas / Ellen
Harrison (Barr) Ellen 1859 Yes Chart Wife of William
Harrison Ellen 1888   Chart Thomas 1852 / Emma
Harrison Ellen 1905   Chart William / Gertrude
  Ellen Mabel 1911 see Joseph 1877   Joseph / Ada
Harrison Elsie 1906 Yes Chart William / Gertrude
Harrison Emanuel 1832   Chart Joseph / Sarah
Harrison Frederick 1880   Chart William / Ellen
Harrison Gertrude 1913   Chart William / Gertrude
Harrison (Smith) Gertrude Rawson 1876 Yes Chart Wife of William
Harrison Hilda Gertrude 1909   Chart William / Gertrude
Harrison Ivy     se Joseph 1877 Joseph / Ada
Harrison Joseph c.1800-37 Yes Chart Father of Thomas
Harrison Joseph 1877   Chart William / Ellen
Harrison Joseph Barkby 1826     Joseph / Sarah
Harrison Mabel     see Joseph 1877  
Harrison Marjorie 1910   Chart William / Gertrude
Harrison Martha 1860   see Joseph Barkby Joseph Barkby / Ann
Harrison Martha 1869   Chart Thomas / Ellen
Harrison Mary 1859   Chart Thomas / Ellen
Harrison Mary Anne 1848   see Joseph Barkby Joseph Barkby / Ann
Harrison Nellie     see Joseph 1877  
Harrison Richard 1854   see Joseph Barkby c
Harrison Ruth 1859   see Joseph Barkby Joseph Barkby / Ann
Harrison (Barkby) Sarah 1796 Yes Chart Wife of Joseph
Harrison Sarah Anne 1847   Chart Thomas / Ellen
Harrison Sarah Anne 1860   see Joseph Barkby Joseph Barkby / Ann
Harrison Sydney     see Joseph 1877  
Harrison Thomas 1824-98 Yes Chart Joseph / Sarah
Harrison Thomas 1852   Chart Thomas / Ellen
Harrison Thomas 1880   Chart Thomas 1852 / Emma
Harrison Walter Leonard 1882   Chart William / Ellen
Harrison Walter Leonard 1903   Chart William / Gertrude
Harrison William 1856 Yes Chart Thomas / Ellen
Harrison William 1878 Yes Chart William / Ellen
Harrison William James 1885   Chart Thomas 1852 / Emma
Harrison William Joseph 1898   see Joseph 1877