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All Barkby names

Joseph Barkby (pre 1735)

Relationship to me: 6 gts. Grandfather (Chart)
Marriage: He married Mary ?
Children: 1. Sarah BARKBY...Chr. 13 Jul 1748 at Stoke, Coventry.
  2. Mary BARKBY...Chr. 28 Oct 1750 at Walsgrave-on-Sowe
  3. Elizabeth BARKBY...Chr. 18 Mar 1753 at Walsgrave-on-Sowe
  4. William BARKBY...Chr. 17 Feb 1758 at Walsgrave-on-Sowe .
  5. Thomas BARKBY...Chr. 13 Jul 1760 at Walsgrave-on-Sowe .
Death of Wife:

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Thomas BARKBY (about 1760)

Relationship to me: 5 gts. Grandfather (Chart)
Born: About 1760 at Walsgrave-on-Sowe, Warwickshire
Bapt: 13 Jul 1760 at Walsgrave-on-Sowe, Warwickshire
Parents: Joseph Barkby
Marriage: He married Elizabeth BENNETT on 4 Jan 1778 at St.Laurence's Church, Foleshill, Warwickshire
Children: 1. Joseph BARKBY...Chr. 21 June 1778 at Bedworth, Warwickshire.
  2. Thomas BARKBY...Chr. 27 Dec 1789 at Bedworth, Warwickshire.
Death of Wife:

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Joseph BARKBY (about 1778)

Relationship to me: 4 Gts. Grandfather (Chart)
Born: Bedworth abt 1778
Bapt: Bedworth Church on 21st June 1778.
Parents: Thomas BARKBY and Elizabeth (nee BENNETT)
Marriage: He married Elizabeth ORTON in Bedworth, 19 October 1795. Elizabeth's known line goes back several generations, all in Bedworth, but work is not yet complete. She was born about 1777 to Martin Orton and Elizabeth (nee Staine) .
Death: Joseph died in 1823 and was buried at St.Laurence's, Foleshill on 5 May 1823.
Occupation: Collier
Children: 1. Sarah BARKBY...Bedworth 1796-1833.       Sarah married Joseph HARRISON (my ancestor) in 1822.
  2. Eleanor BARKBY...Bedworth 1798      Eleanor married Richard Smith in 1815.
  3. Thomas BARKBY...Bedworth 1802     Thomas married Eliza Watts in 1832. He died in 1854..buried Exhall 26 Nov.
  4. Sophia BARKBY...Bedworth 1807 .    Sophia married James Willday in 1826.
  5. Hannah BARKBY...Bedworth 1809.    Hannah married Samuel Mallabone in 1828.
  6. Mary BARKBY...Bedworth 1811         Mary became a weaver and married William Willday in 1834
  7. Joseph BARKBY...Bedworth 1814.     Joseph married Mary Ann Elkington in 1836. He died in1914.
  8. Ann BARKBY...Bedworth 1818.    Ann married Joseph Oughton in 1838.
Death of Wife:

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Catherine HOPKINS (1796)

Relationship to me: 3 Gts.Grandmother (Chart)
Born: About 1796 at Fillongley, Warwickshire
Bapt: She was Baptised at Fillongley on 18th Sep 1796
Parents: William Hopkins and Ann (nee Howe)
Marriage: She married 2 times:
1. Charles Ison at Bedworth Parish Church on 28 January 1823.
2. After Charles death in May 1837 Catherine remarried to Joseph Hollis on 13 Aug 1837 at Bedworth.
Death: 1873. Buried Oct 30 1873 at Bedworth.
Occupation: In 1851 she was a Plain Sewer
Children: (all by 1st husband Charles)
1. John 1823...Bedworth... Bapt. 31 Aug 1823 at Bedworth. John died in 1833 and was buried at Bedworth on 11 August.
2. Ann 1828 ...Bedworth. Ann married John Wallett on 2 Aug 1846 at Bedworth.
3. William 1830..Bedworth...He was not baptised until 4 Sep 1836 at Bedworth. He married Hannah BEDDER at Bedworth on 10 Nov 1850.
4. Emma 1832...Bedworth...Bapt. 22 Jan 1833 at Bedworth. She died as a baby aged about 6 months and was buried at Bedworth on 4 Feb 1833.
Death of Wife:
General: After her 2nd marriage she lived at Roadway, Bedworth with Joseph.

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William HOPKINS (1796)

Relationship to me: 4 Gts.Grandfather (Chart)
Born: About 1762 (from burial record)
Parents: Possibly Thomas Hopkins and Mary (nee Hancock)
Marriage: He married Ann Howe at Astley, Warwickshire on 8 July 1786 .
Death: 1816 aged 52yrs. He was buried on 21st of March 1816, at Fillongley, Warwickshire.
Children: 1. Elizabeth Hopkins in Fillongley, about 1787. Christened on 17 Jan 1787 at Fillongley.
2. John Hopkins in Fillongley, about 1792. Christened on 3 Jun 1792 at Fillongley.
3. Edward Hopkins in Fillongley, about 1794. Christened on 25 Feb 1794 at Fillongley.
4. Catherine Hopkins in Fillongley, about 96. Christened on 18 Sep 1796 at Fillongley.
Death of Wife: His wife Anne pre-deceased him on June 16th 1812 and buried on the 20th of June at Fillongley.

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