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Terverley Telfer

Telfer in Derbyshire

Having gone 2 years since our last dog died, we were really missing the companionship of a dog around us and despite always previously owning Boxers, my wife's choice this time was a Border Collie. This decision was only made after much deliberation for we knew how much time this breed demanded of their owners if the dog was to be happy.

We were lucky to find a full litter available with a well known breeder of Show dogs, Beverley Smith from "Terverley" Kennel at Measham, and had the full choice of litter, all black and white although the mother was red and white.
We had intended to get a bitch again and a little beauty named Bria was top of my short list, although my wife and son were still undecided. While we deliberated and watched them all playing a big lively pup scrambled his way onto my wife's lap and licked her face before she could stop him.

So we came to choose "Telfer" at the age of 6 weeks, or rather HE clearly said "Choose me". We collected him 2 weeks later on New Year's Day 1999.

Coming from Show parents he really was a Ball of Fluff.


The hour long car journey home naturally upset him and he wailed most of the way despite being cuddled by my wife and son.

For the rest of that day we kept him occupied to make him forget he was missing his 5 brothers and sisters.

A Bad Start!
Last thing that evening the young Telfer was taken into the garden to commence "house training". Our garden was of course all new to him.
He sniffed his way around the strange patio and discovered our small pond. More sniffs and then he stepped out onto the green carpet of duckweed covering the pond. In an instant he had nosedived beneath the dark surface!
It was midnight on a cold January night and the poor little bedraggled pup's expression was a sight to behold as he was dragged out, not only wet but plastered in bright green algae.
He was not happy !

Things were to get better.

Red Bar