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Now Aged 6

Much to Telfer's surprise and concern Zippy took a short-cut underneath him whilst Telfer's photo was being taken.

"If you will block the way past ! "

The pair still get on well but the old cat is definitely the boss. I imagine he has "stung" Telfer once or twice with his sharp claws in the past just to teach him his place because Telfer now moves out of his way if Zippy approaches too close when he is resting.

A few seconds later Telfer moved when he received a playful tap on his foot instructing him to move to let Zippy lie in the sun!

In the evenings Telfer loves to lie at someone's feet, often with his head resting on a convenient foot. Zippy calmly walks up and taps Telfer's foot gently, at which the soft dog gets up and moves away. Zippy is then close enough to jump up onto a lap. Then Telfer returns to his favourite position and lies down with a sigh.

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On his walks Telfer like most dogs is fascinated by sticks. He still spends the 1st half of a walk by just pottering along and enjoying the smells around him with the occasional bark at a squirrel high in a tree. After about half-way into the walk (only HE knows HOW he knows that) he turns his attention to FUN. He grabs the nearest stick, or even long grass in desperation, and runs off with it. Then it is all games.

Attacking a large stick

He also loves water and makes a bee-line for it.

Enjoying a nice cool paddle

Swimming in deep water

His lovely soft bushy coat and tail spread out wide when he swims giving the impression of a very fat dog, very different to the skinny one which crawls out a few minutes later !
Telfer loves his swims and rushes to the water's edge when we get near. However he is so well-mannered that he will wait with his paw raised in anticipation as he stares into my face asking for permission before he jumps in !

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