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A sad year

Telfer in his younger years and how he will be remembered.
It took me a year to make this page.
Late Winter and Spring in 2011 came and went and Telfer did not change apart from the inevitable traces of grey hairs on his face and a general slowing down in his behavior. He had mostly been very composed and slightly 'regal' but now he showed his experience in many ways.

Luckily his health was still good and he was quite active, loving a chase and a game.
A couple of weeks into July, when walking in his favourite woods with my wife, Telfer suddenly collapsed. I rushed to join them and we lifted him into the car to take him to the vet, who confirmed he had died.
It was a huge shock but quietly I think I had been preparing myself for it for some time.
It seemed he had had a severe stroke or heart attack. We didn't want an autopsy but his remains were cremated and the cask buried in a quiet spot near a bench at the top of our long garden where he had played so often.
It seems his presence is still there !
WE think Telfer had enjoyed a wonderful life. He had been well-loved and well-trained without being hit. Of course he was punished at times which in Telfer's case meant being verbally scolded in a gruff voice. He was well-fed without being spoilt so not over-weight. He knew his place in the family 'pack' and never challenged it. He had a well-established routine of daily long country walks full of games and some training, which he loved.
Will we have another dog? We have never made snap decisions to replace a loved pet, preferring to respect their memories by 'suffering' for a while. At first such a loss leaves a huge gap and it is difficult even to look at old photographs etc. Favourite walks have to remain unvisited because of the memories as Telfer was the sort of dog who stamped his mark on everywhere we took him. He was a remarkable dog !
A year later we are still undecided as some of our circumstances have changed.
No doubt when the time is right and the scars of losing our marvellous Border Collie have healed a bit more we will decide.


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