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Spencer, Wraith and Ainsworth

James AINSWORTH (about 1748)

Relationship to me: Brother of my 4 Gts.Grandmother (Chart)
Born: 1748 in Bolton, Lancashire.
Bapt: 16 Dec 1748 at St.Mary's, Deane.
Parents: Peter Ainsworth (of the Moss) and Alice Galland (maiden name).
Marriage: He married 4 times.
  1. Betty Mason ..on 18 Jun 1771
  2. Ellen Green
  3. Molly Burgess
  4. Betty Nuttall..on 4 Mar 1780
Death: March 1810 at Bolton.
Occupation: Bleacher
Children:   ( By Molly Green)... James
  ( By Molly Burgess)...John
  ( By Betty Nuttal)... Charles, Thomas, Alice, Ann, Richard
General: James began his Bleaching at Breightmet Fold and moved to Turton in 1780. From then he ran the crofting business of Horrobin Mill Bleachworks on a lease from the James Greene of Turton Towers, Lord of the Manor of Turton. In 1798 he was reported as bankrupt but possibly continued there until his death in 1810. ( Details taken from the "Horrobin Mill..." published by Turton Local History Society.)

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John AINSWORTH (about 1656)

Relationship to me: 7 Gts.Grandfather ( Chart)
Born: About 1656 at Eccles, Lancashire.
Bapt: 12 Sep 1656 at Eccles, Lancs.
Parents: Rodger Ainsworth and Ellen Warburton (maiden name).
Marriage: He married Ann OLDHAM on 14 Feb 1682 at Prestwich.
Children: 1. Peter, christened at Prestwich on 14 Feb 1682.
  2. Elizabeth, christened at Bolton on 12 Oct 1693.
General: John's parents both died fairly young and John and his brothers Robert and William were brought up at Halliwell by their grandmother, who still lived there.

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Peter AINSWORTH (about 1682)

Relationship to me: 6 Gts.Grandfather (Chart)
Born: About 1682 at Prestwich, Lancashire.
Bapt: 14 Feb 1682 at Prestwich, Lancs.
Parents: John Ainsworth and Ann Oldham (maiden name).
Marriage: He married Mary Hilton in Jan 1707 at St.Peter's, Bolton.
Occupation: Bleacher
Children: 1. Peter Ainsworth, christened at St.Peter's, Bolton on 12 Jan 1715
  2. Richard Ainsworth, christened at St.Peter's, Bolton on 9 Oct 1717.
General: Peter lived in his adult life at The Holcroft near St.George's Church, Bolton and was our first definitely known bleacher. He was a Master Bleacher at a croft near to the "Ten Houses", where his son Peter was apprenticed to him. His other son Richard died in Honduras in 1758.
1841 Census
1841 Census

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Richard AINSWORTH (1771)

Relationship to me: Brother of my 5 Gts.Grandfather (Chart)
Born: 2 Oct 1717 at Bolton, Lancashire.
Bapt: 9 Oct 1717 at St.Peter's, Bolton, Lancashire. .
Parents: Peter Ainsworth and Mary (maiden name Hilton).
Marriage: It is not known if he married
Death: He died in 1758 in Honduras, central America.
Occupation: Linen draper at Tower Hill London but later moved to Honduras where he owned a logwood business.
Children: Not known
General: He became wealthy owning a personal estate in the Bay of Honduras consisting of money, slaves, logwood, land covered with logwood, containing in length three miles of the measure used in the Bay of Honduras. This passed to his brother and nephew by power of Attorney dated October 19th 1764.

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Robert AINSWORTH (about 1660)

Relationship to me: Brother of 7 Gts.Grandfather (Chart)
Born: About 1660 at Eccles, Lancashire.
Bapt: 17 Aug 1661 at Eccles, Lancs.
Parents: Rodger Ainsworth and Ellen Warburton (maiden name).
Marriage: He married but his wife's name is not known.
Death: He died on 2nd. May, 1743 and was buried at the East India Company's chapel at Poplar, London
Occupation: Scholar and Teacher
Children: The couple had no children
General: After his parents died young Robert and his brothers John and William were brought up by their grand-parents at Bolton where Robert, at least, received a classical education at the grammar school. On leaving school he taught at a small private school for about three years before becoming its master, a position he held for many years before moving to London in or before 1698. In London he established a successful boarding school at Bethnal Green, which was then a village, and had his first literary work published, a short article on educational methods.
Robert later produced the first Latin Dictionary in 1736. This Latin Dictionary was the standard work for 150 years and it is known that at least 24 authorised editions were printed in England and 2 in Boston, Massachusetts. Many revisions were made over the years and the last edition is believed to be that of Ward, Lock & Co. in 1882.
He was noted in 1723 as one of the most knowledgeable coin collectors in England and he also became an expert on antiquities.

He lived at various places in London including Bethnal Green, Hackney and Poplar where he was buried.

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Thomas AINSWORTH (1759)

Relationship to me: Brother of my 4 Gts.Grandmother (Chart)
Born: About 1758 at Bolton, Lancashire.
Bapt: 12 Jan 1759 at Deane, Bolton.
Parents: Peter Ainsworth and Mary (maiden name Hilton).
Marriage: He married Betty Wraith, the daughter of the Rev James Wraith of Bolton, on 16 Jan 1782 at Bolton.
Death: He died on 4 Feb 1831 at Bolton .
Occupation: Manufacturer by hand of Cotton goods, Muslins, Cambricks etc at Great Bridge and Gilnow, Bolton, at Warrington, Atherton, and other places
Children: They had seven sons and seven daughters. 2 sons married, 5 not, 2 daughters married, 5 not.
  1. Amelia 1783. Chr. 14 Feb 1783 at St. Peter's, Bolton. She married Joseph Yates in 1807 at St.Peter's, Bolton.
  2. Richard 1784 ....died in 1847.
  3. Peter 1787. Chr. 29 May 1787 at St. Peter's, Bolton
  4. Elizabeth 1788. Chr. 30 Oct 1788 at St. Peter's, Bolton
  5. Thomas 1790. Chr. 24 Sep 1790 at St. Peter's, Bolton. Thomas died in 1795.
  6. Mary 1791. Chr. 14 Dec 1791 at St. Peter's, Bolton
  7. Dorothy 1794. Chr. 10 Sep 1794 at St. Peter's, Bolton.
  8. Thomas Hargreaves born 22 Dec 1795. Chr. 19 Feb 1796 at St. Peter's, Bolton. He died in 1841
  9. Harriett Ann 1797. Chr. 14 Dec 1797 St. Peter's, Bolton
10. William 1799. Chr. 21 Jun 1799 at St. Peter's, Bolton
  11. Edward 1800. Chr. 10 Sep 1800 at St. Peter's, Bolton. Edward married Annette von Hamel in Holland in 1839. They had no family.
  12. Alicia 1802. Chr. 11 Jun 1802 at St. Peter's, Bolton
  13. Ellen 1807. Chr 17 Aug 1812 at Bolton.
  14. (Wraith...details not known)
General: Thomas was the inventor of several important improvements in pattern weaving, and was a generous contributor towards the erection of St George's Church Bolton. Though handloom weaving continued a few years after his death in 1831, it was gradually superceded by the steam loom. In his first beginnings the firm was Peel and Ainsworth.
His son Thomas born Dec 22 1795 and Edward born July 30 1800 commenced the bleaching business at Goor, Overyssel, Holland, and were great benefactors to the place.

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Elizabeth SPENCER (about 1813)

Relationship to me: Gt.Gt.Grandmother (Chart)
Born: Stated in a Family Bible to be 13 August 1813.
Bapt: Probably 14 September 1813 at Holcombe, Lancashire.
Parents: William Spencer and Mary (nee Ashworth)
Siblings: James 1806; William 1809; Edward 1811
Marriage: She married Peter Cort on 27 June 1833 at St. Peter's, Bolton.
Death: 9 June 1892 at Chorlton, Manchester
She was taken to be buried in the family grave at St. Anne's, Turton, near Bolton.
Occupation: She was described as an Annuitant, i.e. living off income
Children: 1. Mary.. 1835... Turton, Bolton
2. Thomas..1838 ... Turton, Bolton
3. Peter Henry...1840... Turton, Bolton
4. William..1842... Turton, Bolton
5. Edward...1843... Turton, Bolton
Death of Husband: Peter died in 1850 at Bolton
General: Elizabeth suffered the death of her husband when she was 37 and still had a young family to raise. After a time in Bolton she moved with the children to Chorlton, Manchester, where she stayed until her death. In about 1863 she had to endure the fact of her 2 youngest sons, William 19, and Edward 18 going off to the USA to fight in the Civil War. (Edward stayed on there after the war but died by drowning in Lake Eyrie at the age of 23.) Fortunately William returned home safely and Elizabeth lived close to him and another son, Peter Henry, for the rest of her life. She seemed to lose touch though with her daughter Mary, my gt.grandmother, for many years until Mary had returned to Chorlton before the 1891 Census.
1841 Census Horrobin Mill, Turton with husband Peter and 3 children.
1851 Census Horrobin Mill, Turton. She was a widow, decribed as an Annuitant, living with her her 5 children. Her brother James Spencer, aged 42, a Calico Printer,was also living there
1861 Census Address: 149 Rydal Mount, Cheetham, Manchester with children Mary, Peter, William, Edward
1871 Census Address: 50 Rumford Street, Chorlton, Manchester, Lancs with son William.
1881 Census Elizabeth now aged 66 had moved in with son William and his family at 4 Leamington Avenue, Chorlton, Manchester,
1891 Census She was 4 Ackers Place, Chorlton with a live-in Nurse. Her grand-daughter Mary Cort (dau. of William) was also there.

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James WRAITH (about 1651)

Relationship to me: 6 Gts.Grandfather (Chart)
Born: About 1651 in Mirfield, Yorkshire.
Parents: James Wraith and Anne (nee Dodgson)
Marriage: He married Martha Stenthrope (several spellings) on 25 Jun 1676 at Mirfield, Yorkshire.
Death: 3 Sep 1700 in Mirfield, Yorkshire and was buried on November 13, 1760 at Mirfield.
Children: (some of this information was provided by another researcher who lived in Mirfield)
1. Mary Wraith...Chr. 23 Sep 1676 in Mirfield, Yorks. She died as a baby and was buried 5 May1677 in Mirfield.
  2. Ann Wraith...Chr. 2 Mar 1677 in Mirfield, Yorks. She died as a child and was buried15 Apr 1679 in Mirfield.
  3. Martha Wraith...Chr. 24 Nov 1680 in Mirfield.
  4. Anne Wraith...Chr. 28 Dec 1682 in Mirfield. She died as a child and was buried 3 Jun 1685 in Mirfield.
  5. Margit Wraith...Chr. 3 Apr 1689 in Mirfield.
  6. John Wraith...(My ancestor) .Chr. 14 Nov 1691 in Mirfield. John married Dorothy Nicholls on 17 August 1731 in St. Olave, York

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John WRAITH (about 1691)

Relationship to me: 5 Gts.Grandfather (Chart)
Born: About 1691 in Mirfield, Yorkshire.
Parents: James Wraith and Martha Stenthrope (maiden name)
Marriage: He married Dorothy Nicholls on August 17, 1731 at St.Olave's, York.
Death: November 11, 1760 in Mirfield, Yorkshire and buried on November 13, 1760 at Mirfield.
Children: 1. Martha... 1732..Chr. 19 Jul 1732 at Elland. She married Joshua France on Oct 3, 1754 at Mirfield, Yorks.
  2. James... 1734.. Chr 26 Jun 1736 at Elland, Yorks. James married Mary Mann on March 26, 1755 in Birstall, Yorkshire.
  3. Ann... 1736.. Chr. 3 Aug 1736 at Elland.
  4. Margaret... 1738.. Chr. 18 Mar 1839 at Mirfield. She died as a baby and was buried on 23 Jan 1740.
  5. John... 1742.. Chr. 15 Nov 1742 at Mirfield.
  6. Frances... 1742.. Chr. 15 Nov 1742 at Mirfield. He died as a baby and was buried on 30 Jan 1743.
Death of Wife:

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Rev'd James WRAITH (about 1734)

Relationship to me: 4 Gts.Grandfather (Chart)
Born: 28 May1734 in Elland, Yorkshire.
Parents: John Wraith and Dorothy Nicholls (maiden name)
Marriage: He married Mary Mann on March 26, 1755 in Birstall, Yorkshire.
Death: 1 May 1815 in Hampstead, London and was buried at St. John's Church Cemetary, Hampstead, Middlesex.
Occupation: Pastor
Children: 1. James... 1756... Birstall, Yorks. He married Betty Tassiker of Clayton Hall, Leyland. They moved to Blackburn.
  2. Benjamin... 1758... Birstall, Yorks. He married Jane Simpson on 1 Oct 1782 in Bolton. He died in Liverpool in 1839.
  3. Elizabeth... 1762... Birstall, Yorks...Married ThomasAinsworth on 16 Jan 1782 in Bolton.
  4. Priscilla... 1763... Birstall, Yorks..She married Peter Cort on April 2, 1795 at St.Peter's, Bolton.
  5. Mary... 1765... Birstall, Yorks... Mary married William Barker on 6 August 1786 at St.Peter's, Bolton.
Death of Wife:
General: Notes from: Parish of Blackburn, County of Lancaster. A HISTORY OF BLACKBURN, Town and Parish. by Wm. Alexander Abram. Page 408... WRAITH OF BLACKBURN, &c.; Mr. James (actually John) Wraith, born at Mirfield, Co. York was father of--- Rev. James Wraith, born at Elland, Co. York, May 28th, 1734, became minister of the Independent Church, Bolton, in 1772 removed to Wolverhampton; in 1792 removed to Chorley in this county, and was afterwards Independent minister at Hampstead, Co. Middlesex, where "he ministered to local Methodists in 'some kind of shed' in the Little Church Row area." (from : a survey of monuments at Saint John - at - Hampstead : by Camden Historical Society) . He died May 1st, 1815, in his 81st year. He had sons, James; and Benjamin, and daughters: Mary, Betty, and Priscilla.

Components of the WRAITH Family Name Coat of Arms The Shield is: Gold with a black cross. The Crest is: An Anchor. The motto is: "Spero Meliora" The Origin of WRAITH WRAITH history The very first record of the family name WRAITH was found in Nairnshire , which is located in Scotland. The WRAITH family traces their ancestral roots back to Pictish origin before the year 1100. From here they branched and migrated, gaining prosperity as a notable family of Scotland and later other countries. ------------ Wraith, James (Male)

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Priscilla WRAITH (about 1763)

Relationship to me: 3 Gts.Grandmother (Chart)
Born: About 1763
Bapt: 17 May 1763 in Birstall, Yorkshire
Parents: Rev'd James Wraith and Mary (nee Mann )
Marriage: She married Peter Cort on April 2, 1795 at St. Peter's, Bolton
Death: She died in 1833 and was buried on 23 Jan at St. George's Church, Bolton
Children: 1. Mary Ann. 1798... Bolton. She married Joseph Winder on June 27, 1833 at St.Peter's, Bolton.
  2. Peter..Born 6 Jan1801 ... Bolton. Married Elizabeth Spencer in 1833. Died 8 February 1850.
  3. James Wraith..1803.. Bolton. James died aged 18 and was buried on 1 Apr 1821 at St.George's, Bolton.
  4. Caroline...1806... Bolton.... Caroline died in Feb 1806 and was buried on 10 Feb at St.George's, Bolton.

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